Director: Pete Travis

On August 15th 1998 twenty-nine people were killed by a Real IRA bomb detonated in the streets of Omagh, Co Tyrone.  This atrocity is here brought to the screen focussing on the efforts of Michael Gallagher (Gerard McSorley) in bringing  the bombers to justice. With his son Aidan numbered among the dead, Michael passionately involves himself in the campaign for justice, becoming the chairman of a support group for survivors and families of the deceased as the official investigation fails to produce results. From this position his anger only grows as police errors and political recalcitrance impede his fight. Tackling a recent, and indeed ongoing, issue is a difficult challenge that director Pete Travis negotiates expertly, balancing the strength of McSorley’s gripping performance alongside the wide-reaching political context of Peace Process Northern Ireland.

Best Single Drama Award at the 59th BAFTA Awards 2005.
Best Irish Film Award at the 2nd Irish Film and Television Awards 2004.

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