Ode to Joy

Three young film-makers tell a story about their peers. These are three stories about completely different people who come from various regions of Poland and meet by accident on a coach in England. Aga is returning to her home in Silesia to open a hairdressing salon and help her parents. A strike at the coal mine where her father used to work doesn’t instil optimism about her future prospects. Michal, who lives in Warsaw, wins a radio competition for a hip-hop song but faces a break-up with his girlfriend because his father disapproves of the relationship. Wiktor, a recent university graduate, returns to a small seaside town where all that awaits him is a job at a local fish shop and arguments with his parents.

The young directors describe their film as follows: ‘We posed a question which turned out to be common to each of us. Why do we run away after so many years of hard work, of fights for this land, of sacrifices, when we have finally got our freedom? It is estimated that up until now, 300,000 young people have left Poland to live abroad. Why run away? What is here that doesn’t let people live, work, think, create, love and hate?’

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