Director: MIKE LEIGH

U.K.| 1976. COLOUR. 83 MIN.

Transplanting the leading characters from his 1973 theatre play Wholesome Glory into the British countryside, Leigh came up with one of his most popular TV films. He also delivered his first authentically monstrous creation in the form of Keith Pratt, a pompous, self-righteous control freak setting out on a camping holiday in Dorset with his wife Candice-Marie. It isn’t their preference for health foods, free-range eggs and a smoke-free atmosphere that makes this couple so obnoxious, but their ghastly insistence on pontificating about such things to everyone else. When they come up against intractable resistance in the form of a rowdy biker sharing their patch of campsite, control freak Keith loses control of himself, spectacularly and with devastating results.

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