Director: Peter Middleton, James Spinney

87 mins, UK, 2015, Digital

This film screened 4th & 7th July 2016.

These are Open Captioned (OC) screenings that, whilst accessible to all, feature open captions for the hearing impaired.  Audio Description (AD) is available on all Notes on Blindness screenings. Visit www.ifi.ie/accessible for more information. For other screenings of Notes on Blindness click here.

★★★★★ RTÉ.ie

In 1983, at the age of 45, writer and academic John Hull went totally blind. Initial years of sightlessness were dominated by a struggle to adapt to his new reality; “I knew that if I didn’t understand it”, he says, “blindness would destroy me.” He began to record his thoughts on tape, building up an archive of aural diaries that were published to great acclaim in 1991. This film is a response to those tapes, a quasi-documentary that engages with disability in a frank, immersive manner, with its richly textured visual palette of sepia tones making the images seem like a collage of old photographs and cherished memories.


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