Irish Film Institute -NOSFERATU


Director: F.W. MURNAU

81 minutes, Germany, 1922, Black and White, D-Cinema

Closing on Thursday, October 31st 2013


The first screen adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula retains its chilling power. It is one of the most enduring films of the silent era, a classic example of German expressionist cinema, hugely influential on the horror genre and beyond.

Recently restored by the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation in Germany, Nosferatu returns to the cinema accompanied by its original score. The plot concerns Jonathan Harker, a real estate clerk from the town of Wisborg, who is sent by his greedy employer into Transylvania to finalise an opportunistic business deal. Once there, Harker encounters the otherworldly Count Orlok (portrayed by the unforgettable Max Schreck), and, while given every reason to be suspicious of Orlok’s manner and motives, sells him a house opposite Harker’s own. Inspired by a photo he sees of Harker’s love, Orlok makes his way to Wisborg, his arrival coinciding with a plague of deaths causing panic in the town. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

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