Nos retrouvailles

Director: David Oelhoffen

France| 2007| 99 mins

Marco (Nicolas Giraud) leads a solitary, humdrum existence working in a canteen. From out of nowhere his estranged father Gabriel stumbles back into his life. Even though his sudden presence opens old wounds and revives Marco’s resentment, he still sees this return as a welcome breath of fresh air in his otherwise desolate and solitary world. Gabriel personifies nightlife, partying, exuberance. Looking for cash to open his own nightclub, Gabriel proposes a plan to rob a warehouse outside of Paris. Fuelled by his desire to make up for lost time, Marco gets caught up in Gabriel’s dangerous scheme. An award-winning short filmmaker who also wrote the script, David Oelhoffen has crafted a highly watchable psychological drama which focuses as much on the father and son relationship as it does on the heist the two are preparing. The cinematography and performances by the excellent cast are restrained and so finely tuned that the tension around the crisis point is palpable.

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