Irish Film Institute -No More Baths

No More Baths

Written and directed by Tim Nelson, No More Baths tells the moral tale of community awareness, self-belief and the individual determination of Keagan McPhie.

The elderly Jake lived with his wife and child for many years until a tragic fire took the lives of his family. Out of a sense of loss and a love of children he opens his land for the local kids, Keagan and his friends, where they build the ultimate hide-out. Misfortune strikes when the school board condemns the site as unsafe for children to play on and as a result Jake is forced from his beloved home. However the town of Glenwood springs has misjudged the firmness of purpose and the pure resourcefulness of ten year old Keagan.

Keagan’s belief that he is his brother’s keeper becomes a reality and he organises a peaceful protest on behalf of his aging friend. The greedy and opportunistic property developer Bud Bildmore only sees the land as a business opportunity and will stop at nothing to get it. With the help of a spirited teacher Keagan re-thinks the prpotest and ‘dirty politics’ seems like the best option – even if it does mean no more baths.

Potent but peaceful, the protest proceeds, but will justice prevail?

Suitable: ages 4 – 10

Print source: Koan, LA

USA, 2000

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