Irish Film Institute -NATURAL LIGHT


Director: Dénes Nagy

103 mins, 2020, Hungary-France-Germany-Belgium, Digital.

In line with government guidelines, all patrons must show proof of vaccination upon entering the cinema screen.

The year is 1943; István Semetka (Ferenc Szabó), is a simple farmer who serves as a Corporal in a special unit of the Hungarian army, allies of the occupying German forces in the former Soviet Union, who have been tasked with travelling from village to village, scouring the bleak, mud-clogged territory for partisan groups. On their way to a remote location, his company falls under enemy fire. When the commander is killed, the out-of-his-depth Semetka is unexpectedly forced to overcome his anxieties and take the leadership of his squad. Dénes Nagy won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival for his remarkable feature debut. The rich, earthy cinematography by Tamás Dobos, which immerses the viewer in the inhospitable environment, is especially memorable, calling to mind the visual textures of Elem Klimov’s Come and See (1985), and Vaclav Marhoul’s The Painted Bird (2019).

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