Director: Antonio Lukich

104 mins, Ukraine, 2019, Digital, Subtitled

A huge box office hit in its country of origin, and a festival favourite internationally, Antonio Lukich’s comedy-drama sees exceptionally tall sound recordist Vadim (Andriy Lidagovskiy) receive a lucrative offer from a Canadian company in search of the sound of a rare bird whose only natural habitat is in the Carpathians. If successful, a permanent position in Canada could be on offer, to the dismay of his mother Halyna (Irma Vitovskaya), who drives him around in his pursuit of the elusive sound. This is an accomplished and engaging film from a young and extremely promising Ukrainian talent.

Notes by Kevin Coyne

This film is screening as part of Untold Ukraine. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. For additional donations to the Untold Ukraine project, click here.

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Wednesday 27th