My Life As A Dog

Director: Lasse Hallstrom

SWEDEN|1985 Runtime 101 mins Suitable for ages 12+ Language Swedish with English subtitles

11 year-old Ingemar ‘s life changes irrevocably when his mother becomes terminally ill.Sent to live with his uncle in a remote town, he struggles to come to terms with loss,fear and pain while well-meaning adults make decisions on his behalf and fail to talk to him about his mother ‘s impending death.At the same time he must engage with the normal preoccupations of his age-group,his sexuality,and the strangeness of other people.With an extraordinary performance from Anton Glanzelius as Ingemar,this deservedly acclaimed film turns an unflinching and totally unsentimental eye on childhood.It ‘s directed and co-written by Lasse Hallstrom,who went on to make The Cider House Rules,Chocolatand The Shipping News.

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