Irish Film Institute -MULHOLLAND DR.



147 minutes, France-U.S.A., 2001, Colour, 35mm

Donal Foreman from the Experimental Film Club will introduce this film. 

David Lynch is a favourite here at the IFI. A well-received season of his work took place in 1997, to coincide with the release of Lost Highway, but despite the riches on display then, it is arguably with Mulholland Dr. that he reached his peak.

One of only two films from this century to make Sight & Sound’s recent all-time Top 50, it’s baffling, beautiful, tender, violent and, despite repeated viewings, always open to new and vastly different interpretations; in a word, it’s Lynchian. Since he appears to have abandoned filmmaking, it’s always a pleasure to be reminded of Lynch’s unique talent. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

This film is screening as part of 20/20: Landmark Films at the IFI which is part of IFI20: Celebrating 20 Years in Temple Bar.

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