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Muhammad and Larry

Two captivating personalities clash in Muhammad and Larry, a close portrait of boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. As each athlete separately prepares for a World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, the Maysles brothers follow them with their camera. From sparring matches to private moments at home, the film catches the boxers’ witty remarks, side comments, and challenges to each other. The two are a dramatic juxtaposition of wit and passion, each figure diametrically-opposed, but both in admiration for the other. Despite their different personalities, Ali and Holmes share an obsession with the same victory. They used to sparring partners but now they focus on exchanging quips about their ultimate bout. I’m going to die hard anywhere, Larry Holmes claims. I’ll fight right to the end. I’ll fight with broken jaws. Muhammad and Larry watches this love-hate relationship with a mutual allegiance to both men. Down to its powerful last line, the film shows the personal side of human greatness.

Directors, Albert Maysles, David Maysles
USA, 1980
English language

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