Irish Film Institute -MR. TURNER


Director: MIKE LEIGH

150 minutes, U.K.-France-Germany, 2014, Colour

Closing this Thursday, December 4th

Mike Leigh has fulfilled a long held ambition to make a film about British painter J.M.W. Turner. Focusing on the 25 years before his death, Mr. Turner depicts a character who, in Leigh’s words, was “a giant among artists, single-minded and uncompromising, extraordinarily prolific, revolutionary in his approach, consummate at his craft, clairvoyant in his vision”, but also “eccentric, anarchic, vulnerable, imperfect, erratic and sometimes uncouth. He could be selfish and disingenuous, mean yet generous, and he was capable of great passion and poetry.” 

These complexities are embodied in an incredible, physical performance from Timothy Spall, who veers from pontificating about art in high society to issuing guttural grunts, from claiming the moral high ground to visiting a brothel or sexually exploiting his housekeeper. More than a standard period biopic, Mr. Turner is an enigmatic marvel from a masterful filmmaker. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)


“Masterful” ★★★★★ Irish Independent “Funny, humane and visually immaculate” ★★★★★ The Guardian “One of Mike Leigh’s greatest films” ★★★★ The Irish Times “Spall’s excellent as Turner” ★★★★½ Scannain

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