Mr. Turner

Director: Mike Leigh

UK/France/Germany, 2014, Drama, 150 mins

Sinéad Kathy Rice, Education Officer at the National Gallery will give a short introduction to Turner’s work.

Whether we are looking at paintings in a gallery, watching a film in the cinema or posting a selfie online, we interpret visual content in its various forms with our visual literacy skills. In collaboration with the National Gallery, we have two different opportunities to explore visual literacy at Junior and Senior Cycle.

Focusing on the last years of British landscape artist J.M.W. Turner’s life and directed by Mike Leigh, this historical biopic presents Turner’s contradictory nature and profound genius, capturing a sense of the paintings through careful cinematography. Featuring an award-winning performance from Timothy Spall, this is a bold insight into the life of an often misunderstood artist.

Screening as part of the 2015 Spring/Summer IFI Schools Programme.

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