More than You Know

As with his many films, Don McGlynn’s portrait of Dexter Gordon is deeply resonant, and features many of the musicians closely associated with the great tenor sxophonist, including Ben Wbster, Bud Powell and Woody Shaw. Gordon was a charismatic figure, and his entire career, along with many of the romantic locations he inhabited, is presented in this sensitive and evocative documentary. Gordon’s muscular tenor is heard in a variety of settings, including a cappella, quartet and full orchestra, and the film reflects on his fourteen year residence in Copenhagen, his extraordinary homecoming to the US in 1976 and the making of Round Midnight, for which Gordon won an Oscar nomination.

USA, 1996

Also showing with More Than You Know is the film Improvised Music on a Summer’s Day. This is a film by Dublin musician and film-maker Cormac Larkin. Larkin was on hand to film the action at the OpenJazz 2000 last May, IMC’s annual open day in the Temple Bar Music Centre, and ‘Summer’s Day’ is the result. Thirty minutes of frenzied activity, and two thousand people descend on the centre for a free day of improvised music. Featuring interviews and performances by many of the leading figures in the Irish jazz scene.

Ireland, 2000

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