112 minutes, U.K.-France-Ireland-U.S.A., 2007, Colour, DVD

Following an eight-year absence (due in part to a disillusionment with filmmaking), Korine returned with Mister Lonely, which saw him using established actors and working with a much larger budget than before. While the film is to some extent more straightforward than his previous work, it still contains those moments of beauty that Korine finds in the most unlikely of places, and again focuses on a community of outsiders, this time a group of celebrity impersonators living in the Scottish Highlands.

When ‘Michael Jackson’ (Diego Luna) meets ‘Marilyn Monroe’ (Samantha Morton), she invites him to join her and her family, husband ‘Charlie Chaplin’ (Denis Lavant) and daughter ‘Shirley Temple’, as well as an eclectic mix of other ‘stars’ in preparing an ensemble show. Unexpectedly sweet and warm, it marked a welcome return.

This film is screening as part of Harmony Korine – Breaking Out (April 3rd – 14th). His latest feature, Spring Breakers, opens at the IFI on April 5th.

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