Mise, Sean O Riordain

Director: Traolach O Buachalla

Ireland • 2007 • 52 mins • Irish with subtitles

Sean O Riordain (1916-77) is the greatest Irish language poet and one of our leading poets in any tongue. His work stands as a testament to his genius and extraordinary ability with language. He is also a man we know very little about. On the 30th anniversary of O Riordain’s death, this documentary sets out to celebrate his story and to provide a monument to a fiercely private figure whose work commands our respect but whose character has never been explored. Poet Louis de Paor takes us on a journey to trace the story of Sean O Riordain the man and writer – a very lonely and isolated man who somehow found inspiration for some of the most beautiful verse ever written. He explores the wealth of his poetry, visits the sources of his inspiration, and talks to other key figures to unearth the real story of the man.
Louis de Paor will give a short talk on Sean O Riordain before the screening and read some of his poetry.
If you can’t see this, try The Undertaking (Thursday 8.45pm) or Forever (Saturday 3.00pm)

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