Irish Film Institute -Milo


Director: Berend Boorsma, Roel Boorsma

Milo (Lorcan Bonner) is a young boy kept isolated from the world by parents so ashamed of his rare skin condition that they have devised treatments to keep Milo from even knowing about it. Running away from this oppressive environment Milo is taken in by two criminals, Star (Charlotte Bradley) and Mickey (Jer O’Leary), who see him as a potential ransom opportunity. Being unable to treat himself whilst taken hostage, Milo discovers the truth of his illness and has his world further shaken by his captors’ indifferent reaction to the revelation. Shifting between drama, humour, and horror, at the core of Milo is a young boy breaking free from the orbit of his father and living a life in acceptance of himself.

Age: 12+

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