Director: Daniel Lind Lagerlof

Sweden. 2003. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo SR. 100 min.

Miffo is an endearing comedy about a very unlikely couple—a priest who’s just beginning his career and a wheelchair-bound young woman. Tobias (Jonas Karlsson) is a handsome and earnest 29-year-old Protestant priest with a solidly middle-class upbringing who chooses to work at a dilapidated parish in a poor area of Stockholm. His determined efforts to recruit parishioners are sidetracked when he meets the feisty, beautiful Carola (newcomer Livia Millhagen), who’s disabled and lives in a cramped high-rise flat with her mother. Despite the huge difference in lifestyles, the two embark on a tentative romance. Millhagen is a revelation as Carola, a determined, opinionated and sexy woman who refuses to let her disability become an obstacle to enjoying life. This is the third feature from Swedish director Daniel Lind Lagerlof and his scriptwriter wife Malin. The title is a kind description for someone who’s a bit strange.

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