Microcosmos + Green

The Convergence Festival is a celebration of green, healthy and ethical living. The event acts as a platform for groups and organisations working on issues around justice and ecological sustainability. As part of the festival, ‘Vital Viewing’ will feature films, videos and new media productions that entertain and help people to understand an increasingly complex and fragile world.
We are delighted to contribute to this event with a screening of Microcosmos. This award-winning documentary takes us into the teeming and spectacular world of insect and floral life. Exquisite micro-cinematography brings us right into the underworld of a Provençal meadow where we can watch dewdrops evaporate, bees gather pollen and a butterfly struggle from its chrysalis. The everyday insects that are the stars of the film look so intricate and bizarre that the made-up monsters of science-fiction seem ordinary in comparison. Disney’s A Bugs Life tried to recreate the insect world with brillant animation but in this we are watching the wholly absorbing world of the real thing.

Fr/Ch/It • 1996 • Documentary •75 mins • Directors: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Perennou

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This awardchange-winning 10 min. short film by Green Films follows a day in the life of a suburban family and a couple of ship workers whose paths collide at sea.

Irl •1999 • Docudrama• 10 mins • Director: Maria O’Connor

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