Simone Laine

Michel Ciment, le cinema en partage

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The indefatigable Michel Ciment has been at the forefront of film criticism for almost fifty years. Starting with Positif at the height of its battle with Cahiers du cinema, he quickly became one of that magazine’s leading authorities, and continued from there to build a reputation and body of work second to none. Simone Laine’s affectionate portrait gives the viewer an insight into a man who has never lost his passion for cinema, who continues to seek out the new and exciting from every corner of the globe. Tributes from figures as varied as Bertrand Tavernier and Quentin Tarantino show the respect in which he is held as a polymath whose erudition makes him such a fascinating writer and places him in such a uniquely esteemed position in his field. Michel Ciment will be in attendance at the screening.

France • 2010 • 52 minutes


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