104 mins, Denmark, 2016, Digital, Subtitled

This film was released 15th July 2016, and is no longer screening.

★★★★★ Entertainment.ie

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When oddball brothers Gabriel
 (David Dencik) and Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) reunite to lay their father 
to rest, they are met with a disturbing revelation – not only is the man in the coffin not their dad, but their biological father is still alive and living with their half-brothers on a remote island. Locating their siblings in a dilapidated sanatorium, Gabriel and Elias are 
met with a trio whose outlandish, animalistic behaviour – which frequently descends into cartoonish bouts of slapstick violence – renders their own peculiarities tame in comparison.

Anders Thomas Jensen’s provocative comedy affords Mads Mikkelsen a rare opportunity to play against type, which the actor clearly relishes; his twitchily eccentric Elias is one of the many pleasures of this film that has accurately been described elsewhere as Kafka meets The Three Stooges. (Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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