Irish Film Institute -MEMORY LANE


Director: Mikhaël Hers

France • 2010 • 98 minutes

A group of seven childhood friends reconvenes in the sunny suburbs of Paris in the month of August, when the inhabitants are usually on holiday and the city is quiet. Though now scattered across France, their bonds remain strong, and there is palpable pleasure in their on-screen reconnection, thanks in no small part to the ensemble cast of talented young actors director Mikhaël Hers has gathered, including Louis Ronan-Choisy (Ozon’s Le Refuge) and Lolita Chammah (Copacabana, also showing in this Festival). Despite coming home for very different reasons, ranging from impending family tragedy to the hope of starting a relationship, these enduring ties provide mutual support in every circumstance and shared moment. Hers’ loose approach results in a warm and accessible meditation on the nature and value of friendship.

Actress Lolita Chammah will participate in a Q&A.

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