Irish Film Institute -MANHATTAN



96 minutes, U.S.A., 1979, Black and White, 35mm

While visionary cinematographer Gordon Willis collaborated with such noted cinema giants as Alan J. Pakula and Francis Ford Coppola, arguably his most inspired partnership was with Woody Allen, for whom he shot, to name but a few, Annie Hall, Interiors, Zelig and The Purple Rose of Cairo.

Filmed in black and white and anamorphic widescreen, Manhattan is possibly the most seductive of them all however, not least because of the uninhibited way in which it shifts from the epic, with its sublime montages of the island’s dramatic skyline, to the profoundly intimate, in its tender, unobtrusive portrayal of a set of Allen’s most well-drawn characters including an urbane but insecure Diane Keaton and an ethereal Mariel Hemingway. 


Showing as part of Eye to Eye – Visionary Partnerships in Cinematography and Direction (July 2nd – 30th).


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