Irish Film Institute -MANGLEHORN



97 minutes, U.S.A., 2014, Colour, Digital

This film was released on Friday 7th August 2015 and is no longer screening. 

In director David Gordon Green’s tender character study, aging locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Al Pacino) leads a solitary existence in which his closest relationships are with his cat and his young granddaughter. On the periphery are his semi-estranged son (Chris Messina), loquacious hustler Gary (Harmony Korine), who has idolised the older man since childhood, and lonely bank teller Dawn (Holly Hunter).

Manglehorn remains obsessed with his great lost love Clara, writing her endless letters with no response. As Dawn cautiously but tenaciously begins to pursue Manglehorn, taking his casual mentions of upcoming events as invitations, he is forced to confront the reality of the life he has created for himself. Pacino gives one of his most subtle and nuanced performances of recent years as the world-weary and regret-filled locksmith, but is matched by the superb Hunter’s fragile and emotional turn. (Notes by Kevin Coyne)


There will be a Feast Your Eyes screening of this film on Tuesday, August 18th at 18.30. Tickets €20.

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