Irish Film Institute -MAMMUTH


Director: Benoît Delepine & Gustave Kervern

France • 2010 • 92 minutes

The excellent Mammuth retains the dark humour of the filmmakers’ earlier work (Aaltra, 2004) and invests it with poignancy. On retiring, Serge (Depardieu) is encouraged by his wife (Yolande Moreau) to take to the road on his Mammuth motorbike in search of the paperwork from former employers that will entitle him to full benefits. This is the starting point for a series of frequently hilarious and bizarre encounters with figures from Mammuth’s life that enable him to re-evaluate and accept his past (including a still-beautiful Isabelle Adjani, who first appeared with Depardieu in Techine’s Barocco (1976)). Credit is due to Depardieu for allowing himself to be filmed in the most unflattering light possible, at ease with his age and size; reference is even made to that famous nose.

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