Irish Film Institute -MAKING PLANS FOR LÉNA


Director: Christophe Honore

France • 2009 • 105 minutes

This collaboration between Christophe Honoré and Chiara Mastroianni was written specifically for the actress. She breathes complex life into Lena, a mother of two adrift and flailing somewhat after the break-up of her marriage. Retreating to her family home, the perpetually anxious Léna must contend with parents and siblings, each of whom has their own problems, forcing their unsolicited advice on her while she tries to regroup. On returning to Paris, she is caught between her adult responsibilities and the lure of retreating from them, in the shape of Louis Garrel. Mastroianni excels as a neurotic and flawed woman trying to hold her unravelling life together, forced in the end to face up to harsh realities.

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