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Director: FRITZ LANG

111 minutes, Germany, 1931, Subtitled, Black and White, D-Cinema


Fritz Lang’s first sound film made an unlikely star of Peter Lorre, and found an unlikely fan in Joseph Goebbels, although it was banned by the Nazis in 1934, when both Lorre and Lang had escaped Germany for Hollywood. Inspired by actual incidents, M features Lorre as Hans Beckert, child murderer. As newspaper headlines decry the horrific crimes, police have few leads, and Beckert is free to roam the streets, eerily whistling a Grieg air as he seeks fresh victims.

While the authorities are helpless, Berlin’s underworld unites to hunt down the killer, with gangsters, beggars and petty criminals intent on dispensing their own ruthless brand of justice. The mob cornering of Beckert leads to one of cinema’s greatest set pieces, while affording this wretched character some semblance of humanity is credit to both Lang’s heroic daring and Lorre’s matchless performance. (Notes by Michael Hayden.

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