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Lundi Matin

Born in Georgia but now working out of France, Otar Iosseliani is one of world cinema’s uniquely individual talents and his new film, which won the ‘Best Director’ prize at this year’s Berlin film festival, is perhaps his most inventive, playful and deeply entertaining work to date. Vincent (Jacques Bidou) is a French factory worker who is fed up with just about every aspect of his life, which Iosseliani wickedly and wittily depicts in a short number of bravura scenes. One day, Vincent decides he has had enough of his monotonous routine. With no prior planning, he leaves home and embarks on an adventure to see the world, starting with a trip to Venice. From then on we witness his strange and wonderful encounters with a variety of amusing and bizarre characters. The question is, what will Vincent do next? Will he ever go back to the family who are confused and irritated by his departure?
A brief plot synopsis cannot do any real justice to the verve, intelligence, subtle humour and sheer artistry of Iosseliani’s filmmaking. For those people who recall his earlier masterpieces such as Favourites of the Moon, Monday Morning will be a very welcome treat. For those seeing the great director’s work for the first time, this wise and wonderful film is likely to prove one of the most joyful discoveries of the festival.
France-Italy, 2002. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo SR. 120 mins.

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