Lulu Gets A Facelift

Director: Marc Huestis

USA 2006| 60 mins

Funny, fabulous, touching and tragic, this ‘reality’ comedy is Extreme Makeover meets Queer Eye, with a dash of Ab Fab thrown in for good measure. Lulu is one of San Francisco’s most colourful drag queens. The film captures his singular personality in the week before his facelift procedure, through the days following the surgery, and climaxes with the final fabulous ‘reveal’ performance at San Francisco’s infamous Trannyshack. Lulu gets a facelift is sometimes hysterical, sometimes bittersweet, but always entertaining.
Underneath the camp facade lies a real vulnerability, and the film addresses what it is like to get older in a youth-obsessed society. ‘Who would have thought that a film about an aging drag queen’s crow feet would inspire? Lulu’s wit, humour and sly honesty make the film sing.’ Erica Marcus, San Francisco Bay Times

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