Lovers – Dogme 5

(Dogme 5)
Barr’s directorial debut charts the giddy intensity of a love affair that overwhelms a young couple living in Paris. Prize-winning actress Elodie Bouchez (La Vie revee des anges/The Dream Life of Angels) gives another captivating performance as the doe-like Jeanne, a girl who works in a bookstore. Serge• Trifunovic is equally adapt as Dragan, the unpredictable Yugoslavian painter who captures her heart. Working according to the principles of the Dogma school of filmmaking, Barr uses the intimacy of hand-held camerawork to follow his couple through the streets of Paris as their relationship matures from a spark of attraction to an all-consuming passion. When Dragan is revealed to be an illegal alien, the film moves inexorably towards a tragic conclusion. Barr says that he set out to capture the varied emotions of a love story in its evolution, using the technology of the Dogma concept to get the most emotive performances from my actors.

France, 1999.
English subtitles.
Dolby stereo SR.
95 min.

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