Irish Film Institute -LOUISE WIMMER


Director: Cyril Mennegun

80 minutes • France • 2011

This debut feature from documentary filmmaker Cyril Mennegun showcases an unforgettable performance from Corinne Masiero as the titular Louise. Following separation from her husband, Louise finds herself facing her fifties alone and with nothing. Reduced to living in her car, forced to conduct even her most basic daily activities in public spaces, she ekes out a meagre living as a chambermaid. She has placed her hope in receiving social housing, but must contend with the endless bureaucracy that accompanies her application. While Louise’s situation is bleak, the film itself is not; Mennegun’s delicate and sensitive direction celebrates her resilience and dignity in the face of such hardship, and Masiero ensures that the audience genuinely cares for Louise and wishes a happy ending for her.<

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