Irish Film Institute -LOOKS AND SMILES


Director: KEN LOACH

104 minutes, U.K., 1981, Black and White, Digibeta

Another of Loach’s films adapted from a Barry Hines novel, Looks and Smiles was made during the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s first term as prime minister, when unemployment was reaching record levels in Britain. It follows two Sheffield school leavers as they face the prospect of going straight onto the dole. Mick (Graham Green) struggles by as best he can, but can’t even afford to take his girlfriend Karen (Carolyn Nicholson) to the pictures. His mate Alan (Tony Pitts) sees the army as an escape from the dole queue, and a troubled Belfast beckons.

This film is screening as part of Ken Loach (Part One), May 3rd – 28th. Loach’s latest film, Jimmy’s Hall, opens at the IFI on May 30th. 

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