Director: BI GAN

133 mins, China-France, 2018, Digital 3D

This film was released on 27th December 2019 and is no longer screening. 

Luo Hongwu returns to his hometown of Kaili in search for Wan Quiwen, the woman he loved and has never been able to forget. Chinese filmmaker Bi Gan’s second feature is a marvel, a nocturnal dream addressing issues of time and memory, divided into two distinct parts. The first, shot in 2D, exploits voice-over and popular songs to evoke memories, while the camera glides through scenes filled with colour and an atmosphere reminiscent of the cinema of Wong Kar-Wai. Part two is a long 3D sequence shot in a single take, exploring notions of space, dreams and memories. Bi Gan remarks, ‘3D images resemble our memories… the three-dimensional feeling recalls that of our recollections of the past… like a mirror that turns our memories into tactile sensations.’

A supplement of €1 applies to 3D screenings.

(Notes by Marie-Pierre Richard)

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