105 mins, UK-Austria-Germany, 2019, Digital

This film was released on the 21st of February 2020, and is no longer screening.

Single mother Alice (Cannes Best Actress winner Emily Beecham) is a committed senior plant breeder at a corporation dedicated to developing new species. She has engineered a very special crimson flower, remarkable not only for its beauty but for its therapeutic value. If kept at an ideal temperature, fed properly and spoken to regularly, the plant will engender an emotional change in its owner, effectively making them happier.

Against company policy, Alice takes a plant home as a gift for her teenage son Joe. They christen it ‘Little Joe’ and, as it grows, so too does Alice’s suspicion that her new creations may not be as harmless as their nickname suggests. Her assistant Chris (Ben Whishaw) has also inhaled the pollen, and is behaving strangely. With everyone she knows potentially affected, who can Alice trust?

(Notes by David O’Mahony.)


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