Irish Film Institute -LIGHT OF THE RIVER


Director: Tetsuo Hirakawa

75 mins • Japan • 2009

Delightful award-winning Japanese animation about a family of river rats who are forced from their riverbank home by a construction project. Fleeing to the city, the wise father rat advises young Tarta and ChiChi how to avoid danger as the three embark on a long adventure-filled journey in search of a new place to live, surrounded by the beauty of nature. In Japanese with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. AGE: 6+

It was the second best movie that I ever saw. It was about Dad and his two sons Chichi and Tarta who lost their home. Chichi kept on getting lost. Chichi is the small one, Tarta is the big one. They find sewer rats. They had a sleepover in the library.

I gave it five and a half stars

By Casey McBride (age 7)

This movie is about a dad and his two sons, Tarta and Chichi who lost their homes and had to go on a long journey with the help of Tammy the dog, Glen the rat and Blue the Cat. I thought it was very funny, very cute and a little bit sad. So I’m going to give it: 5 stars!!

By Caitlin McBride (age 10)


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