111 minutes, U.S.A.-Canada -Germany-U.K.-Australia, 2015, Digital

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Opening with their first encounter at a Nicholas Ray party in 1955, Life portrays the meaningful relationship between James Dean and Dennis Stock, a photographer whose outstanding pictures of the legendary actor taken in advance of the release of Elia Kazan’s East of Eden and just months before his death at 24, helped ensure the star’s enduring status as an American icon. Directed by Anton Corbijn, himself a renowned photographer before he turned to filmmaking, the shifting balance of power between image maker and subject is, not surprisingly, expertly handled and the two central roles are brilliantly realised by Robert Pattinson as the ambitious but insecure Stock and Dane DeHaan as the gifted, famously rebellious Dean.

Rather than a conventional biopic, Life is a thoughtful examination of the dynamic between two young artists on the brink of success at an exciting moment of considerable change in American culture. (Notes by Alice Butler.)

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