Irish Film Institute -STF: LIFE ITSELF


Director: steve james

120 minutes, u.s.a., 2014, colour/b&w, d-cinema


The latest film from award-winning Hoop Dreams helmer, Steve James, is an affectionate and moving portrayal of the life and death of arguably America’s best-known film critic, Roger Ebert.

Life Itself, based to some extent on the auto-biography of the same name, takes a candid journey through Ebert’s life, taking in his battles with alcoholism, his middle-age courtship and marriage, his fractious relationship with fellow critic Gene Siskel and, ultimately, his unsuccessful battle with throat cancer. 

A love letter to Ebert, and cinema itself.

This film is screening as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival (September 25th – 28th 2014).

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