Director: Frederic Balekdjian

1h 25min. 2005

Vahe Krikorian’s life in the garment distict in Paris is falling apart. He works in the family store, riddled with debts and soon to shut down. Lu Ann, who’d been living with him for some years, has just left him. And the scams that he and his friend Sahak and his brother Toros have been running aren’t working out so well. He then finds himself saddled with illegal immigrant Yuen, the newly-arrived brother of his ex Lu Ann. The younger man’s hair-trigger temper brings all of them into conflict with a ruthless gang of Armenian mobsters, culminating in a stomach-tightening chase through the Parisian metro. Brilliantly depicting a marginal, little-seen milieu, and capturing a sense of the hardscrabble existence of migrant communities, first-time writer-director Frederic Balekdijan manages to combine an edgy sense of menace with a wry, almost ramshackle humour.Cast includes: Pascal Elbe, Simon Abkarian, Isaac Sharry.

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