Les Innocents

Director: Andre Techine


The lines between love, sex and politics become blurred in this typically thoughtful and provocative Techine drama, which foreshadows some of the concerns of his 2001 film Loin/Far Away, shown in last year’s Cinefrance. Jeanne (Sandrine Bonnaire), born in Northern France, is visiting the Mediterranean for the first time, prompted by two events: the wedding of her sister and the disappearance of her brother. The brother is a deaf-mute who supports himself as a pickpocket under the tutelage of Sa•d (Abdel Kechiche), and one of his few friends is Klotz (Jean-Claude Brialy), an older married man with bisexual leanings and a weakness for young Arab boys. Jeanne meets Klotz and finds herself attracted to his son Stephane (Simon de la Brosse), who like his father is interested in both women and men. However, Jeanne also meets Sa•d and finds herself infatuated with him as well. She’s soon torn between the two young men in a romantic and sexual dilemma that mirrors France’s political turmoil in dealing with its growing Arab population.

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