Irish Film Institute -Le Silence de la Peur

Le Silence de la Peur

Silence de la Peur is a thlought-provoking film from Nasser Bakhti on the theme of violence among young people.

Elsa is fourteen, comes from a loving family and appears to lead a normal teenage life. However her home life is in contrast with the violence that she endures every day at school. Violence that she keeps a secret from her parents, out of fear. Routinely she is called aside by the predatory Eddy, leader of a gang and she is threatened until money exchanges hands. This life of bullying has reduced Elsa to stealing money from her mother’s purse.

The reign of terror organised by the bullies is not simply directed at Elsa. Others also face the daily persecution. All are unwilling to speak up and Eddy shamelssly continues his remorseless harassment.

On the other hand it is not all as straightforward as it appears. Eddy himself deals with threats of violence and belittlement from his fault-finding father. As a result of this home life he believes that the same lack of respect can be visited on his peers. It is only when an admirer of Elsa stands up and defends the victims that justice is felt, justice that will change Eddy’s life forever.

Suitable: ages 14 – 18

Print source: Troubadour Films

Switzerland, 2000

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