Le sang d’un poete

Director: Jean Cocteau

France| 1930| 55 mins

A silent film set to a new score performed live by a seven-piece ensenmble, this is a real treat for Cocteau fans.
Jean Cocteau made his first foray into cinema with the haunting collage-like film Le Sang d’un Poete. Financed by the philanthropic Vicomte de Noailles, it shimmers with energy and invention, inaugurating a style that Cocteau would rework in each of his future films. Borrowing the sexual undertones and dreamlike structure of his plays, novels and paintings, Cocteau presents a sequence of seemingly unrelated events, all depicting the philosophical and metaphysical struggles of the artist. 3epkano, the Dublin-based collective, blend electronic and acoustic instruments to create contemporary scores to classic silent films. Creating music for 3epkano is a process of patient exploration and tentative discovery. The result is a compelling and unique cinematic experience.

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