Irish Film Institute -Le Clan

Le Clan

Director: Gael Morel


Three brothers whose mother has recently died explore the sometimes awkward, sometimes dangerous business of what it means to be a man in The Clan.The third film after Full Speed and Under Another Sky directed by Gael Morel (Les Roseaux Sauvages/ Wild Reeds) is a female-free zone except for five minutes at start and finish. Three distinct segments are named after the three brothers. Marc (Nicolas Cazale), a perfect physical specimen, age 22, is a tightly-coiled rebel. His fury is impossible to channel once his admired older brother, Christophe (Stephane Rideau), gets out of prison but refuses to help him avenge a terrible injustice at the hands of local toughs. Christophe lands a job at a factory while, the third brother, Olivier (Thomas Dumerchez), 17, admires his confreres but chafes at home. He’s attracted to 21-year-old Hicham (Salim Kechiouche). Morel excels at exploring the raw, pointless energy of bored young men. Mountain scenery near Annecy emphasizes how easy it is to lead a constricted life in proximity to wide open spaces.

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