Lady Jane

Director: Robert Guediguian

France • 2008 • 104 minutes

Robert Guediguian (Marius et Jeannette) once again returns to the working-class suburbs of Marseille and reunites his ensemble of regular actors: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Ariane Ascaride and Gerard Meylan. Ascaride (in her 14th collaboration with Guediguian) takes centre stage as Muriel, who, along with her childhood friends François and Rene, has cut short her career as a thief after a job went horribly wrong. To keep a low profile, the friends have seen very little of each other for the past few decades. When Muriel’s son is kidnapped, she reluctantly enlists the help of her childhood friends to find him. Amongst a stellar cast, Jean-Pierre Darroussin is particularly good, portraying a man whose depressing middle-aged life is reinvigorated by a return to crime.

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