Irish Film Institute -La Veuve de Saint-Pierre

La Veuve de Saint-Pierre

The latest film from acclaimed French director Patrice Leconte is set in 1850 on the small French-run island of St Pierre off the coast of Canada. It is based on a true story of a military couple who help rehabilitate a convicted murderer and try to save him from the guillotine.

Two drunken sailors indulge in a silly game and end up killing a man. One of the murderers, Neel (Emir Kusturica) is sentenced to death but first has to spend months in the care of the local army Captain and his wife and becomes increasingly popular with the islanders despite his criminal status. The film raises questions about loyalty, justice and capital punishment and features terrific performances from Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche as the central couple.

France • 2000 • Drama • 112 mins • Director: Patrice Leconte

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