Irish Film Institute -La Traviata

La Traviata

Dumas’ novel, The Lady of the Camellias, in its operatic incarnation by Verdi. The ill-fated lovers, Marguerite and Armand, were rechristened Violetta and Alfredo by the great composer, but the story of the consumptive courtesan who sacrifices her happiness to protect her lover’s reputation is intact. Director Franco Zeffirelli adds an imaginative prologue and epilogue and skilfully opens out the action away from stagy confines.His images are as ravishing to the eye as is the music to the ear. Teresa Stratas and Placido Domingo give strong performances, but opera fans may be disconcerted by cuts in the score.

Italy, 1982.
English subtitles.
Dolby stereo.
105 mins.

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