La Scorta

Director: Ricky Tognazzi

The latest in a series of Italian films about the continuing battle against the Mafia, Ricky Tognazzi’s The Escort is a gripping thriller that successfully recreates an uncertain world in which trust and honesty are constantly tested. The story was inspired by the real case of a magistrate sent from northern Italy to clean up the Mafia stronghold of Trapani, Sicily. Soon realising that the Mafia has infiltrated every level of law enforcement and that no one can be trusted, he turns for help to the young carabinieri assigned to protect him. The three young men are initially relucant to keep the magistrate safe any differently from previous assignments. However, they gradually become as involved as their ward in the fight against corruption – it’s a political and emotional awakwening that give sthe film it’s resonance and provides a deeper dimension to what is already a taut thriller. This could easily have been a predictable film; however, thanks to Tognazzi’s exemplary talents, The Escort is one of the most satisfying film of the year.

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