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la Pointe courte

Made in 1954 but not released until 1956, Varda’s debut feature was five years ahead of the first New Wave films. Inspired by William Faulkner’s avant-garde novel Wild Palms, Cleo tells two parallel stories as it interweaves the struggle for survival of the fishermen in the village of La Point Courte with the marriage troubles of a pair of summer visitors. Edited by Alain Resnais, Cleo has been called ‘the first film of the Nouvelle Vague’, and it set the tone for Varda’s future work in its combination of fictional and documentary elements.

France, 1956.
English subtitles.
Black and white.
85 min.

Also showing:
Plus Du C’te de la C’te, Varda’s humorous fable about the Riviera and the human search for an earthly paradise.

France, 1958.
English subtitles.
27 min.

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