La France

Director: Serge Bozon

France| 2007| 102 mins

Autumn 1917. World War I. Miles from the fighting, Camille’s life revolves around the letters she receives from her soldier husband. Her life is shattered when she receives a cryptic note from him ending their relationship. Distraught, she decides to disguise herself as a man to go and find him. She heads for the frontline cutting across fields to avoid the gendarmes and, in a forest, she comes across a small group of lost soldiers who do not suspect her true identity. She joins them, and in time discovers the real reason why the men have drifted off course. Bozon shifts effortlessly between warweary soldiers trudging through the forest to sweet musical numbers to shocking, cold-blooded murders. Aptly described by Variety as ‘Bresson meets the Beatles’, this audacious WWI drama is a stark portrait of fighting and friendship on the Western front. Defying all sorts of conventions, you’ll soon understand why La France won the prestigious Prix Jean Vigo in Cannes earlier this year.

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