Irish Film Institute -LA ANTENA



99 mins, Argentina, 2007, Drama/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

New Argentinian Cinema has won considerable audiences here, through the work of Trapero, Martell, Campanello and others. With the thriller and psychological drama the preferred genres, this exquisite black and white, near silent fantasy is worth a look. Telling a tale of everyday life for the people in a town who have lost their voices to Mr TV, it makes clear references to German expressionism, Meliès and silent cinema.

Dr. Catherine Leen will join us to discuss Estaban Sapir’s La Antena and the genre of Sci-fi being something of an exception in Argentinian Cinema. Leen will talk us through the evolution of the Argentinian film industry – through its Golden Age, the so-called Third Cinema, the recent rise in popularity and Academy award success. She will identify key themes and concerns, influences, important titles and directors.  

This event is taking place as part of the IFI Evening Course, South Facing (Tuesdays, October 7th – November 11th). Full course price: €65 (€60 concessions), including tea/coffee. Please book your place by calling Sharon Corrigan on 01 679 5744 or emailing (individual tickets for films on this Course are not available.)

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